The leading provider of electrical infrastructure auditing, detailing and consulting in Victoria

For over a decade, UtilityVision has provided speciality services to the Victorian electrical distribution network.
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Our Services

UtilityVision is pleased to offer a variety of services to support the construction and maintenance of electrical distribution infrastructure.

Comprehensive auditing services for electrical distribution assets and worksite safety
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Detailing & Drafting
UtilityVision provides detailing and drafting services for underground cable installations.
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Service Locating
Utilising industry standard tools and methodology, UtilityVision can assist with location of underground assets.
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Project Management & Design
UtilityVision can assist you with overseeing the delivery of your next electrical infrastructure project, including delivery and design.
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New Property Connection
UtilityVision has the capability and resources to assist land owners connect power to rural blocks and subdivisions.
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We look forward to assisting with your next project and would be delighted to discuss your projects requirements.
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