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UtilityVision’s project managers, engineers and technical field staff combine to provide holistic solutions that guarantee results. With a strong background in compliance auditing of electrical infrastructure for the Victorian networks, UtilityVision’s services pave the way for smooth project delivery, from design to compliance and project close-out. Since our founding in 2008, UtilityVision has brought together a wealth of experience in auditing and consulting for various projects such as underground residential developments, public lighting projects, overhead line augmentations and government programs for bush fire mitigation as well as providing supervision of non VEDN accredited installers.

Backed by expert knowledge and experience, UtilityVision’s business model allows the flexibility to schedule work at short notice, turning reports around quickly with a focus on outstanding customer service.

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Overhead Power Asset Inspection and Auditing

From the very beginning, UtilityVision has provided overhead auditing services to the electrical distribution networks throughout Victoria. During this time, UtilityVision have provided a service which has aided the networks in building and maintaining compliant structures. UtilityVision also provides auditing of Turnkey projects to ensure successful handover to the network.

UtilityVision’s auditing service continues to play a pivotal role in the improvement of the quality of overhead structures including specific programmes for bushfire mitigation such as REFCL. UtilityVision is a Network Accredited Auditor in all Victorian Networks and has specific skills and capability in dealing with complex overhead structures including Spacer Cable, Hybrid, ACRs, Gas Switches etc.

VESI Overhead Auditing & Powerline inspection
VEDN Underground Auditing

Underground Power Inspection and Auditing

UtilityVision is the leading and preferred underground audit provider in the Victorian Electrical Distribution Network (VEDN) and is an accredited auditor in all Victorian Networks providing developer and cable haul auditing services on all project types. Applications include Underground Residential Development (URD), public lighting, asset relocation and augmentation, major road projects, low-density subdivision and substation works.

With experience spanning over a decade, we have worked on thousands of projects from minor installation works through to large scale and complex electrical augmentation works. A robust training and quality assurance strategy allows us to provide consistent result for our clientele.

As-Built Detailing and Drafting

UtilityVision’s experienced detailing and drafting team can assist with providing detailing and drafting services for both Electrical and Telecommunication projects, including new residential developments, electrical infrastructure augmentations and government funded undergrounding projects for bushfire mitigation in all Victorian Networks.

UtilityVision use best-in-class methods including GPS and Robotic Total Station in-line with any specific project requirements and/or environmental limitations.

VEDN Detailing and As-Built Drafting
UtilityVision Asset Locating

Asset Location

Using the latest tools and equipment, we are certified Service Locators, qualified to trace and locate services providing accurate detection and reliable results.

Our services reduce the risk of accidental impact to underground cables, workplace injuries, service interruption to the community and project delays. UtilityVision also has the capability to detect and locate cable faults.

OHS Audit

UtilityVision is experienced in workplace OHS auditing, particularly crews working in and around electrical infrastructure

Worksite Safety Audit
VESI Project Management

Project Management

UtilityVision’s project managers are qualified Engineers with electrical infrastructure backgrounds. Strong industry relationships coupled with a strong compliance auditing background provides the ideal foundation for achieving statement of compliance on projects.

UtilityVision’s project managers engage in a hands-on approach to project delivery, taking responsibility for the quality of installation works and identifying non-conformances early in the project life cycle.

Installation Consulting

UtilityVision’s experienced auditors can provide detailed reporting on installation progress and compliance. This allows principle contractors and Networks to save time and money by mitigating problems early on and reducing downtime due to a lack of site preparation.

Electrical Infrastructure Installation Consulting
New service to property, Pole to Pit, Powerline undergrounding

New service to property, Pole to Pit, Powerline undergrounding.

UtilityVision can assist with a range of electrical infrastructure projects such as the removal of overhead wires and the establishing underground supply for residential, commercial or industrial projects.

UtilityVision also has the expertise to oversee both the planning and execution of power supply to customer property boundary for rural and small developments. Using the capability of UtilityVision, owners frequently save significant time and cost.

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